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This game is similar to Siege Master and especially to Crush the Castle. You have some sort of catapult that you need to use to crash a castle made of blocks and kill its inhabitants.
Feel the excitement of reaching for the skies in this ridiculously addictive puzzle game that'll test your reflexes and puzzle skills. Tower Bloxx(TM) Deluxe builds on a multi-award winning mobile gam...
Although it doesn't say it anywhere, this game is definitely inspired by Matrix. You need to shoot the Matrix agents that show up at the opposite side of a river of some sort.
You will have to align the pool balls in the correct order and then hit the bumper with the requested ball.
The aim of the game is to climb those hills without crashing and completing the levels before the time runs out. After each level the next level becomes more and more challenging.
Prepare yourself to master the rocky tracks. Move or simply blow up things in your way. And to destroy the enemy soldiers and their vehicles!