Highest Rated Games
Pizzalicious - The pizza making game. This game is sure to make your mouth water - making so many types of tasty virtual pizzas will definitely open up your appetite.
You move your character (in this case a robot)on a field full of boxes and walls. You can play as a single player against the computer or in 2 players mode against your friend. Player 1's keys are the...
This is an original game that is based on match-three principle, but has it's own tricks. You have a knight that needs to save a princess going deep underground. You'll have your knight, a key, a door...
In this game you're a girl who runs a bistro. You need to make meals by the orders of the clients.
In this game you are a farmer and you need to grow and process various products. You start with something as simple as growing grass.
This game is based on TV series with the same name. You select one of the available characters and heed to guide him/her to the exit.