Highest Rated Games
You have to help Pepe cross a busy street and a river full of boats. Avoid collisions with cars. When crossing the river try to jump onto passing boats and cross the river.
In Civiballs 2 you face complex and fun challenges in the lands of Romans, Vikings and Inca. A great physics puzzle game with 30 entangling levels.
This game is a mixture of hidden object and aquarium games. In the aquarium part you're decorating an aquarium and buying fish for it. In the hidden object part you're looking for stuff at the bottom ...
There's an angelic girl that takes care of pets in a pet salon and there's a devilish girl controlled by you. Your only goal is spoil the angel's work and to give the pet a devilish look. However, you...
This game is about Wright brothers, the men who constructed the first successful airplane. Your airplane is almost done. You need to test it and to make it fly as far as possible.
Enjoy awesome art, optional difficulty control and relaxing music in this customizable puzzle game that is fun for everyone!